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Upload Instructions:

To upload your files, please click the link below. When prompted, please use the following (case-sensitive) credentials:

Username: graphics_dg

Password: Upload$

We cannot accept any artwork submitted as email attachments or through other file transfer sites such as wetransfer, yousendit or dropbox.

Please note: Your 6-digit order confirmation number is required in order to upload files.

Designing artwork for large format graphics is a bit different than it is for a catalog or a website. Layout the most important elements of your message so that they appear in the upper half or two thirds of your layout. The view of the bottom portion may very well be blocked so keep key art and copy "up." Files for large format graphics can be quite large. It's important that your artwork is in the right format if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us. We can also design your graphics for you at a very economical rate and take care of everything for you utilizing your photos or illustrations and copy. Or, we can help you find the perfect photo or illustration to get your product message across.Adobe Illustrator CS6 (or lower version)

Files should be flattened without hidden layers; otherwise, it will not print.

Submit only what needs to be printed.

File should be saved as an EPS in CMYK.

All fonts MUST be converted to outlines (Type > Create Outlines).

All raster images should be embedded and not linked.

If any filters are applied (e.g., blurs or gradient mesh) the file must be rasterized in Photoshop and saved as a TIFF for final artwork submission.

To help get a smoother gradient without banding, the gradient should be created in Photoshop with noise added (from 1 to 3), saved as a TIFF, then brought back to Illustrator and combined with the rest of the artwork.

Adobe Photoshop CS6 (or lower version)

Files should be flattened without hidden layers; otherwise, it will not print.

Submit only what needs to be printed.

File should be saved as a TIFF in CMYK with LZW compression and ICC profiles checked on with no extra Alpha channels.

To help get a smoother gradient without banding, add noise (from 1 to 3). Multiple panel murals must be created on one single page. Do not tile panels onto multiple pages, unless there are hard color breaks. Try not to have the panel breaks run through letters or logos if at all possible.

Acceptable Alternate File Formats

Indesign CS6 (or lower version):All fonts MUST be converted to outlines and all links supplied.

Acrobat PDF:Must be hi res, exact size and Print Ready

Please do NOT provide the following formats:

Adobe PageMaker, Quark Express, Freehand, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel Draw

Document Size

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign CS5 (or lower version)

Files can be saved at 100% if software allows, or half size is acceptable.

Files should be created at 100-150 DPI at full size or proportionately scaled. Do not submit files at greater DPI than requested.

For custom-sized graphics, please provide a 1/4” bleed for trimming.

Color Guide

All monitors display color in RGB. Since our output is in CMYK, not spot, colors will vary. Also, since every monitor is not the same, what you see on your monitor may vary from the actual print. Usually our color outputs will be approximately 90-95% accurate. We can color match to your sample or match graphics on different substrates, however additional time is required. Please contact Customer Service or Sales for details and extended production time.