20 Foot Abex Economy Plus Gullwing Hardware Only (Printer) Package

Type: Pop-Ups
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20 Foot Gullwing Pop-Up Printer Package: Abex Economy Plus 20 Foot Gullwing hardware only Pop-Up System package includes everything you need to add your graphic panels. Our hardware only kits include our Abex Economy Plus frames with snap-lock spacer bars and hinged channel bars for quick and easy set-up and disassembly. Hangers, kickers and mag tape to finish your panels are also included. Choose from a variety of accessories like monitor mounts, shelf kits, and more. All Abex Economy Plus hardware kits are made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime hardware warranty to be free from defects in material and workmanship.
Code: PL9-HO-LED
Height: 93 in. (236.22cm)
Width: 232 in. (589.28cm)
Depth: 32 in. (81.28cm)
Weight: 172 lb. (78.018kg)
Lead Time: 1 Day
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Part # QTY Description
1010-109 2 8mm (3x4) aircraft grade aluminum frame with locking spacer bars
1849M 14 Hinged channel bar
4709-02 1 Padded channel bar bag
10044-04 1 ABS strip set
2014R-02 4 Low voltage LED light
9478 196 Magnetic tape
2006 2 White extension cord for lights
2007 2 6 outlet power strip for lights
9527-02 2 Foam kit for lights
4600 2 Rotomolded all-in-one case
9549 2 Sintra top for 4600 case conversion
9904-QS-HINGED 1 Quickstart set-up instructions



This order will ship in 2 boxes. This shipping information is determined by the base configuration and does not reflect any added components.

Box 1

Length: 39 in. (99.06cm) Width: 28 in. (71.12cm) Height: 17 in. (43.18cm) Weight: 92 lb. (41.73kg)

Box 2

Length: 39 in. (99.06cm) Width: 28 in. (71.12cm) Height: 17 in. (43.18cm) Weight: 92 lb. (41.73kg)


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