ICON E 10'x20' Base Package

SKU: ICON-E-1020
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The 20ftICON E display is perfect for interactive digital demonstrations. 

OurICON 10 x 20 exhibits combines extrusion frames, tension fabric, plexiglass and laminate panels, and more. Our unique panel attachment system and blend of materials makeICON not only eye catching, but also portable and easy to set up.ICON 10 x20' exhibits can be customized with a wide array of options including kiosks, counters, integrated workstations, graphic panels, monitor mounts, and more. AllICON exhibit systems are scalable, and can be expanded to 20 x 20 and beyond or used as a 10 x 10 ( additional parts required ) if desired.
Code: ICON-E-1020
Height: 96 in. (243,84cm)
Width: 240 in. (609,6cm)
Depth: 47 in. (119,38cm)
Weight: 1395 lb. (632,76084kg)
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Part # QTY Description
SE-TW-01 1
10' x 20' Tower w/900 Panels & Door
SE-BW 3 Backwall (240" x 93")
SE-1020-FAB 1 Backwall Fabric (230.5" x 83.5")
SE-BK-02 1 Backwall Kiosk (No Monitors)
6FCASE-04-01 1 Flight Case
SE-1020-INSTR 1 Instructions
SE-1020-BOX 1 Packing Material
SE-1020-CLR 1 Laminate for 900 Panels on TW & BK



This order will ship in 1 Flight Case. This shipping information is determined by the base configuration and does not reflect any added components.

Flight Case

Length: 98 in. (248.92cm) Width: 49 in. (124.46cm) Height: 44 in. (111.76cm) Weight: 800 lb. (362.87kg)