ICON E 20'x20' Base Package

SKU: ICON-E-2020
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The ICON E 20' x 20' island trade show exhibit combines a show stopping billboard with oversize dye sublimation printed fabric graphics with a functional storage tower and individual double side kiosk workstations for multiple simultaneous computer demos. Options include a semi private meeting area and more. Designed specifically for 20' island trade show booths,ICON by Abex combines high visual impact with functionality and low operating costs. AllICON exhibits are scalable from 20 x 20 to 10 x 10 and are available in a variety of configurations. Options include kiosks, counters, shelves, monitor mounts, and more.
Code: ICON-E-2020
Height: 198 in. (502,92cm)
Width: 240 in. (609,6cm)
Depth: 240 in. (609,6cm)
Weight: 3811 lb. (1728,639112kg)
Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty

Part # QTY Description
20' x 20' Tower w/900 Panels & Sliding Doors
SE-BB 1 Billboard (69-7/8" x 207-1/2")
SE-2020-FAB1 2 Billboard Fabric (59.79" x 287.85")
SE-BC-NL 1 Billboard Ceiling (No Lights)
SE-BK 3 Billboard Kiosk (No Monitors)
6FCASE-04-01 2 Flight Case
SE-2020-INSTR 1 Instructions
SE-2020-BOX 1 Packing Material
SE-2020-CLR 1 Laminate for 900 Panels on TW & BK



This order will ship in 2 Flight Cases. This shipping information is determined by the base configuration and does not reflect any added components.

Flight Case 1

Length: 98 in. (248.92cm) Width: 49 in. (124.46cm) Height: 44 in. (111.76cm) Weight: 1200 lb. (226.80kg)

Flight Case 2

Length: 98 in. (248.92cm) Width: 49 in. (124.46cm) Height: 44 in. (111.76cm) Weight: 1200 lb. (544.31kg)